• Canceling Before 48 Hours: A full refund will gracefully glide back to the payment details we have on record. It’s like the cancellation never happened.
  • Within the 48-Hour Window: Should the cancellation occur within this timeframe, fear not! Your booking gets tucked away as a credit in your account, awaiting your next scheduling move.
  • Within 24 Hours: Unfortunately, cancellations within this close window bear a non-refundable full charge, as our preparations are already in motion.

Remember, each cancellation timeline weaves a unique outcome, ensuring fairness for all.

For all newcomers to the world of Concierge Assist cleaning, we wholeheartedly suggest diving into our “Deep Clean” option. This choice offers an extended timeframe, enabling us to meticulously address any areas that might have been overlooked in previous regular cleanings. The initial deep clean acts as a reset button, ensuring every nook and cranny receives the attention it deserves. Following this thorough introduction, many of our valued customers transition to our standard 2-hour cleaning option, enjoying the ongoing benefits of a refreshed space.

Refunds for Payment Disputes: In response to the rise in questionable payment disputes observed consistently throughout the entirety of the pandemic, we have engaged the services of a collections agency to manage all disputed payments that are deemed fraudulent. Any accounts referred to collections will also incur a monthly late fee of 10%. Moreover, we have instituted a policy where all NEW customers will be subject to an upfront charge at the time of booking, regardless of the booking’s timeframe.

Booking Guidelines: When scheduling a move-in or move-out cleaning service, it is imperative that you opt for the designated move-in/move-out package. Failure to do so absolves us of responsibility for confirming the booking as a complete move-in or move-out service. For residences exceeding 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the deep cleaning package is mandatory. This policy recognizes the need for our staff to have an adequate timeframe to effectively clean these larger homes.

Assessment of Residency Cleanliness Levels: To determine the appropriate cleanliness category for your residence – “Slightly Dirty,” “Pretty Dirty,” or “Very Dirty” – consider the following guidelines:

  • If your residence hasn’t undergone professional cleaning in the past year, please select “Very Dirty.”
  • For residences that have been cleaned within the last 6 months, please select “Pretty Dirty.”
  • If your residence has received professional cleaning within the last 3 months, please select “Slightly Dirty.”

Picture everything in a regular cleaning, then sprinkle in some extra enchantment:

  • Baseboard Beautification: We’re not just stopping at floors; those baseboards are getting their moment of glory.
  • Light Switches & Door Handle Elegance: Let’s not forget the unsung heroes of touchpoints – light switches and door handles – they’ll shine like never before.
  • Dusting Redefined: Prepare for a dusting so detailed, even the tiniest particle won’t escape our meticulous attention.
  • Faucet Finery & Backsplash Brilliance: We’re taking your faucets and backsplashes to a whole new level of gleam and glam.
  • A Touch of Tidiness: We’ll lightly organize each room, creating a symphony of orderliness (for an even grander orchestration, choose our detailed organization add-on).
  • Bonus Hour of Brilliance: For areas that deserve extra pampering, we’re gifting an additional hour of our magical touch.

The Enchanted Exclusions:

  • Extras: Our added delights come with a separate ticket. For the truly magical extras, there’s a bit of extra cost involved.
  • Beyond the Ordinary: Our regular cleaning spell is wonderful, but the deep cleaning spectacle takes it a step further. It’s like comparing a cozy campfire to a fireworks display!

The To-Do’s That’ll Leave You Impressed:

  • Kitchen Magic: Wave that cleaning wand over the sink, countertops, upper and lower cabinets, and the stove top for a sparkling effect.
  • Room Radiance: Perform a grand sweep of surfaces in every nook and cranny, leaving nothing untouched.
  • Dance of Clean Floors: Put on your cleaning shoes and tango with the vacuum and mop to give those floors a sensational shine.
  • Bathroom Enchantment: Summon your cleaning prowess to transform the toilet, shower, handles, tub, and drain into elements of pristine beauty.
  • Bedroom Symphony: Conduct a symphony of dusting on shelves, nightstands, and bed frames, then orchestrate the bed into a picture of tidiness.
  • Windowsill Whimsy: Craft a delightful story of cleanliness on every window sill.

The Not-To-Do’s: Where the Magic Ends:

  • Beyond the Basics: For any extras and beyond-the-usual requests, a magical surcharge awaits. It’s like unlocking secret levels in a game—only this time, it’s for your abode.
  • Deep Dive Delight: Should you choose the epic Deep Cleaning adventure, you’ll unveil a treasure trove of attention lavished upon the tasks listed in the “To-Do’s” section. It’s like adding bonus features to your favorite movie—extraordinary and absolutely worth it!

Embarking on a Move Out or Move In cleaning adventure brings you an all-encompassing experience. This extraordinary package embraces meticulous attention and covers four out of the seven additional services we have in store. These delightful add-ons encompass cleaning the inside of the oven, the interior of the fridge, the depths of cabinets, and the interiors of all windows. This comprehensive clean is designed to work its magic, transforming a dwelling that once housed someone into its pristine original state, eagerly awaiting the arrival of new homeowners.